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For conception and development of experience concepts and production of sculptures, artist impressions, 3D & graphic design, 3D prints & brand activation.

Founder Joris Broeksteeg

The idea for Kite Concepts was born in 2011. I started as a freelance creative after completing my bachelor's degree in leisure management at NHTV international higher education in Breda. Here, I specialised in the discipline Imagineering. Via the Efteling Academy, I started working at the Efteling in the Imagineering department. Here, I completed my minor and graduation assignment, focusing on the experience of the Efteling fairy tales. 


From a young age, I have been creative and wanted nothing more than to surprise and amaze people with my creations. My passion therefore lies in designing and bringing ideas to life. My strength lies in creating a total experience. Focused on the experience of a product or brand, whether you are talking about retail, visitor attractions, museums, hospitality or events."

Kite Concepts

Why the name Kite Concepts? Kites take off through good design that uses on-site energy and sufficient carrying capacity. A kite features sturdy lines to steer or change course. With a graceful design that fits within its environment, which is quiet but attracts attention. They come in countless shapes that shine high in the sky. 

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